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I didn’t know what to title it. but i dislike having 30 second ads that i cant skip. and the game gets a bit repetitive after 800 haha

I like it

Peaceful yet complicated

Great game

Stimulate your minnndd Craaaiggg lol

Relaxing and simple

Love to play this in bed at night. Quiet and dim, not too much thought necessary which is great for winding down. Pay the few dollars to the developers, all 2 of them, for the ad-free version.

Great game

I really enjoy this game and it’s very addicting but the levels are always super easy no matter how far you go. I would like the levels to get more challenging I’m at level 1160 and can say only had two challenging levels so far.

Cool game

Cognitive skills increased 👍💪❤️

Fix your game

Was having a lot of fun with this but every time I open the app it takes me right back to puzzle #72 and makes me start from there.

It's everything they say it is

This is fun, addictive, workshop brain, is pretty, and wonderful colors

Great, but one thing.

I love this game and play is whenever I’m bored or just want something to do. My only thing is that I’m really confused as to whether or not this game is really endless or if there is a limited amount of levels I’m on level 752 currently with no end in sight.

The perfect blend

This game is the perfect blend of challenge & chill. I often play it to fall asleep, because I love the music. It makes me feel productive because I’m using my brain, but it’s not hard enough that it’s still a relaxing play. One of my favorites.

A fun twist

Trying out all these loops of zen replacements. This one is a fun twist.

Great Game!

There are a lot of games out there but not all of them are fun. This game, however, is great! It doesn't take too much brainpower and it is very interactive! Great for all ages!

Awesome game!

This game is so much fun!.It’s challenging my brain so much that when you think it’s impossible it’s not!


Beautifully designed, simple yet fantastic game. Perfect when you are bored and need to relax. At the same time, does not take too much of your time. Unlimited levels is a fantastic thing. As a bidding Product Manager, I hope my review is useful in you customer survey results


The music is so soothing.. the puzzle is very relaxing but also challenging at the same time. I love this game so far!

ad remover

i don’t mind ads. the issue. i paid $1.99 for the ad remover but it didn’t work. there goes my $2.


Super chill soundtrack and fun game


How many levels are there? I just got to 800 and it’s crazy.


This game creates a zen environment. If you want to relax get Loop Energy.

Download it

If you like a good puzzle game check this out

So good

Great game. Most apps hang around my iPad for a month or two before I get seriously bored and delete. I'm on level 330 and still going strong. App crashes from time to time with zero warning, but only once in a while and I do have a very old iPad.

So far, so fun...

I loved the first infinity loop game so I wanted to check this one out. It makes me feel so accomplished connecting the lines that maybe I wasted years of schooling and $ when my true calling was an electrician?


This game is grate and easy

Enjoyable game

Like many others have cited, I enjoy the game but was frustrated that it doesn't save my levels after I finish playing. I sounds like that issue has been resolved...if so, definitely will come back and give it 5 stars!

Game won’t save

I really like the puzzles but the game just won’t save. Every time I return to the app I get sent to the first puzzle.

Love it

Very addictive!

Love it!

Very Fun game, addicting and really challenges my brain. I don't normally like games, but this one is so much fun!!

problem: updated

I have just started it up again and it left off from where i was. i played some more levels and closed the app. started it up again and it started from when i finished. thank you so much!! now i can properly enjoy this amazingly beautiful game. thank you!!


A game that is not stupid, greatly designed and requires brains to solve. Great work guys!

Love this game

Literally my first review but seemed necessary. This is one of the best puzzle games I have played on mobile in a really long time. So simple and elegant but addicting to solve.

Great way to kill a day!!!!

I absolutely love this game. The only issue I have is when you click the little camera to take a picture it crashes and doesn’t save the progress or take the picture. But it’s still amazing.


I normally don’t play puzzle games but this one is fantastic! It’s unbelievable how such a simple concept can be taken to a whole new level! Infinite levels!


This thing like a puzzle and it’s fun and cool I love this game I want more of these games and the music it’s cool everything is cool thank you so much .


Easy to learn, relaxed play, but just enough of a challenge that keeps me coming back for more. I highly recommend this game. Really fun‼️

Good but...

It’s a fun way to pass time but the levels are way to easy it takes the bare minimum of thought to solve the puzzles so it’s kinda boring at times then there are way too many ads


Fantastic game. I'm very impressed. It's really beautiful and very relaxing. Great job. I paid to support your team.

Start's over

It starts you over every day. I was at about level 70 and I turned it on the next day and I was level one. It won't let you go back to the level you were on. Other than that it's an okay game.


I just love it thanks

Remove ad purchase did not work

I paid to remove ads, and they were removed initially. However after an update, they have come back. Restore purchases has not worked either. Please either indicate that I paid and can have ads removed, or refund me.

A immersive masterpiece

This game just draws you in with its beautiful music and it’s great puzzles. The puzzles may seem impossible when you first look at it but really, it’s much more than what you think. I was that for me.


Real brain twister great game


I love it


So I was bored and usually slot of games never catch my attention. And I thought this was gonna be the same like boring and buggy but no I really really like this game and it's definitely something I would recommend because if you don't have anything to do then this game will make time fly and there are ads but not excessively

Take me back to the start?

I love y’all’s games but this one has a serious saving issue. No matter how many puzzles I solve, whenever I start the game back up after closing it I’m back at the beginning and to do it all over again. It’s highly annoying and makes the game rather boring when you do the same puzzles over and over again. What did I play was fun and all though; I just got sick of doing them. Obviously until this is fixed properly, because the last update just made it worse, I’ll have to delete this game from my phone and only give it a 3/5. I mean, why waste memory on something that doesn’t work properly? Thankfully I hadn’t bought anything for it yet so I didn’t waste any money. Just my time.


Unique, imaginative illustrations. 👍👍

not one to write reviews..

This is my first app review ever. I never felt the need to until now. Very excellent gameplay mechanics and it feels very smooth going from level to level. The only suggestion I have is to work more with the sound effects and music. Every time I change the direction of a wire I feel I should hear a more distinct sound. Also the music is a bit eerie which is somewhat fitting for the game, but it's a little odd. I was thinking more of a funky tune and a different one for each level, almost like geometry dash. Thanks for reading this review!

Why repeat levels

I like the app but if I leave it alone for a day it makes me start all over. Is there a menu button to be able to override this and restart at the last level you conquered? If not, I doubt I will keep it as doing the same ones every time gets very old very quickly. Thanks, Sherry.

Can’t move past level 21

At first I thought this was a great game, but now whenever I play I get send back to level 21. I can play past the level but if I leave the app it resets back to level 21. This game would be 5 stars if it weren’t for this problem.


This is optional. I don’t have to write this, but this game is so good I had to write one. It makes you think on the bus or on your way to work.

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